Musical form – Structural analysis – (Jazz-)Harmony

In my view musical practice and musical theory are in no way separate entities. Rather I see it as my objective to form connections between them and encourage new ways of thinking about music.

In any case, the study of the structure of a piece, harmonic sequences, stylistic features and more is well worth the effort. It leads to improved ability to comprehend and retain pieces more quickly. From personal experience I can confirm that it facilitates practice and shortens the time of preparation for exams and performances.

In my instructions of musical theory I consider it crucial to highlight the consequences and direct results gained from the analytical discoveries when applied to musical practice, in order to breathe some light and colour into theoretical approaches through their application to practice. Regarding the selection of pieces I’ll totally fit in with the students. Of course I will propound the occupation with spezific topics on request.

Methods: Theory-Lectures preferably online (zoom, skype)

Taster lesson: 30 min